Saturday, April 26, 2008

Salon & Spa Etiquette

Don't leave your manners at home when you visit a spa or salon.

Spa and salon visits should be a time of relaxation. But if you should find yourself in a situation you don't know how to handle, stress levels quickly rise and suddenly you need a massage to calm you down from your massage. Matters such as tipping, arrival times, cell phone use and eating might be completely understood in other service industries, but become muddled when steam rooms and curling irons are involved.

To clear up any confusion, we've assembled a brief spa and salon etiquette guide. You'll find a variety of categories in which there may be a slew of expectations. Note, we've solicited advice from both casino and non-casino establishments. Keep these tips in mind for your next facial or blow out.

Brannon, owner of Brannon Salon at Hard Rock Hotel

Whatever you do, don't: Talk s*** about the gossip you read in the smut magazines. One of the celebrities could be in the salon.

Cancellation notice: Anything before the same day. Same days really p*** stylists off.

Tip the shampoo person? Yes, $5 and $10 if a different person blows you out.

How much do I tip my stylist? Between $20 and $40 (no matter the cost). You are paying for the service and tipping for the time.

Cell phones: Not if I'm in the middle of a cut. No way. I can't see how the hair's falling.

OK to bring in magazine pics? Only if the picture is of you or if it's an up-do or bangs. Anything else isn't your face shape or skin tone.

Food: Absolutely, we have a menu of finger foods we offer.

If I'm sick: Stay home.

Kids: Leave the kids at home.

How late is too late to arrive? 10 minutes is too late. I cut on the half hour and you'll mess up my next appointment.

Alexandra Maloney, Moxie Hair Studio salon director

Whatever you do, don't: Do anything that will contradict the salon environment. It's meant to improve yourself.

Cancellation notice: 24 hours.

Tip the shampoo girl? Understand that stylists are sharing their tips with their assistants.

How much do I tip the stylist? It's a service industry, 10 percent to upwards of 25 percent.

Cell phones: We'll ask you politely to keep it down.

OK to bring in magazine pics? Sometimes they're helpful but we try to cater all designs around the individual.

Food: We try to discourage it but it's touch and go.

If I'm sick: We ask you not to come or your stylist could get sick and people take it personally when their stylist is gone.

Kids: The salon is reserved for adults.

How late is too late to arrive? When you're pushing the 17-minute mark.

Jennifer Lynn, spa director of Qua at Caesars

Arrival time: 30 minutes allows for a leisurely check in

How late is too late? You can come as late as you like. We'll do our best to accommodate the full service.

Please don't: Use cell phones. Not even to text.

Gender preference: We ask before the service and confirm it upon their arrival (so the guest doesn't have to fret about it).

How much cancellation notice: We request 24 hours but you have until closing time the day before. Anything after that we charge them for.

Exceptions: If your flight is delayed, we'll do our best to reschedule.

How much do I tip? It's discretionary but we usually say 15 percent to 20 percent or $20 to $25 an hour.

Who gets overlooked on tips? Our bath attendants. Depending on how long you're there, they should get $5 to $10.

Socializing: It's encouraged in our Roman Baths. Everywhere else, use a low "spa voice."

Lee Allen, Euphoria salon and spa manager

Arrival time: We suggest 10 to 15 minutes early.

How late is too late? Anymore than 10 minutes and you're gonna miss part of your treatment.

Please don't: Bring children to treatments longer than 15 minutes.

Gender preference: We have all female therapists.

How much cancellation notice: Four-hour cancellation notice is appreciated.

Exceptions: If you're coming down with a cold.

How much do I tip? Up to the client's discretion. When a client inquires we suggest they tip similar to restaurant tipping: 15 percent to 20 percent.

Who gets overlooked on tips? We don't have a crowd of attendants like at a resort spa. Everyone is taken care of on the final tip.

Socializing: Talk in a quiet voice or a loud whisper.

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