Saturday, April 26, 2008

Smoking Etiquette

It must seem to smokers as if the only place where it’s not illegal or improper to smoke is the dark side of the moon. Smoking, once seen as a sign of sophistication, is now seen by many as offensive and even dangerous to nonsmokers and smokers alike. Although it’s not polite to rebuke smokers in public, it’s acceptable to ask them to stop smoking or to smoke elsewhere.
In general, if you don’t see an ashtray, don’t smoke. Don’t say, “Do you mind if I smoke?” The other person may say he doesn’t mind and still be secretly resentful. It is okay to smoke in your office if the company permits, but it will leave a smell that others may find disagreeable.
If hosting a lunch, it’s polite to ask for a table in the smoking section if your guest is a smoker, whether you smoke or not—provided you aren’t allergic to smoke. If you smoke, never light up during the meal. Wait until after everyone has finished eating and coffee is served.

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