Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How to Deal with Doors?

For such simple things, doors can cause a lot of confusion. Let’s simplify matters.
  • If you reach a door first, regardless of gender, you should open it, go through it, and hold it to ensure that it doesn’t hit the person following. Men no longer hold doors for women just because they are women.
  • If you are in the company of a senior executive, it is a good idea to allow him or her to reach the door and go through it first.
  • If someone’s arms are laden, hold the door regardless of the person’s gender or status.
These rules are set aside when you are hosting others, in which case you open the door for your guests and motion for them to precede you. For a revolving door, you go first and wait for the others to come through after you. In any case, always thank a person who holds a door for you.

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