Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How to Introduce Yourself?

It is helpful to others and important for you to introduce yourself promptly and appropriately. First, here’s a bit of advice about actually entering a room. Most people make the horizontal approach to a room. That is, instead of walking to the center of the room, they freeze in the doorway and then head sideways to the bar or refreshments. Once there, they lock onto someone they know and remain joined at the hip for the rest of the occasion. This strategy is a big mistake because they never give themselves a chance to advance their own agenda, which is the reason they came in the first place.
If you are at a business social function or with just a few people and you are not introduced, you should introduce yourself just as promptly as is decently appropriate. If it looks as if the person who should introduce you isn’t going to do so (he or she may have forgotten your name), you have to take over. Just smile, offer to shake hands with the nearest person, and say: “Hello. I’m Tom Engles. Jim and I are responsible for the Technec account.” In some situations, describing yourself in terms of what you do rather than by your title promotes conversation. However, don’t interject endless details, such as how long you have been with the company or where you live.

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