Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stationery Etiquette

Just as we judge others more by what we see than by the words they speak, we also make judgments based on the appearance of the correspondence we receive. A single sentence letter can speak volumes about the person sending it, which can be an advantage or a disadvantage.
People are far less restricted and rigid about their correspondence these days than in the past, especially when it comes to correspondence mediums. Computer programs for word processing and graphics provide more resources for expressing personal style and creativity than anyone ever dreamed of in the past. Hence the strict formulas for correspondence have been stretched to reflect the times. It is still valuable to know and to understand the process for taking pen to paper and what’s what when it comes to stationery. Your personal choice of fuchsia paper with hot-pink type might be great for a missive to your former roommate. It would be the kiss of death, however, if used to apply for a job with a conservative law firm. As with any issue involving personal presence, grooming is more important than a fashion statement. If the engraved letterhead isn’t even close to your sense of self or concept of reality, then clean paper, crisply folded with its written components done perfectly, will speak better in your favor than costly stationery, carelessly used.

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