Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Message Cards and Correspondence Cards Etiquette

Message Cards
Size: 5 by 31/2 inches high.
A message card is a single white card with a very smooth (satin) finish. It can have a woman’s full name or a couple’s name engraved at the top center of the card. The street address can be in the upper-right corner. You can use these for thank-you notes or other kinds of notes and for extending or replying to an informal invitation.

Correspondence Cards
Size: 61/2 by 41/4 inches high.
The correspondence card is a most useful investment for both men and women, especially in the corporate arena. The single card can be colored and sometimes has a colored border. The card can also be plain or engraved with a monogram, the name alone, or the name with address. The correspondence card is used for any kind of short note, sending or replying to invitations, thank-yous, and so on. Men find these particularly useful and often have only this one stationery item for personal use. The correspondence card is probably the single most used item of stationery in a businessperson’s arsenal.

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