Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Half Sheets, Folded Notes and Monarch Sheets Etiquette

Half Sheets
Size: 53/4 by 73/4 inches high to 61/4 by 81/2 inches high. A half sheet is a single sheet in any color. Use it for writing letters. If you are engraving it, the monogram or crest, or name and address, is centered at the top. You will need plain second sheets if you write long letters. The second sheets can be used interchangeably with the letter sheets for most correspondence, although the letter sheet is more formal and traditional. Pale colors are fine, although you should not use anything other than white or off-white to send a condolence letter or to extend or reply to a formal invitation.

Folded Notes
Size: 51/4 by 31/2 inches high.
Folded notes look just like informals but may be in pastel colors. The front page is blank or engraved with a centered monogram or with the monogram in the upperleft corner. Folded notes are great for general correspondence, especially thank-you notes.

Monarch Sheets
Size: 71/4 by 101/2 inches high.
Both men and women use monarch sheets for general correspondence and informal business letters.

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