Monday, July 7, 2008

Ordering during Business Meals

If you don’t have drinks, spend 5 or 10 minutes talking before asking for menus. If you have drinks, offer your guest a refill. If the answer is no, ask for menus. If the answer is yes, ask for menus when the second round of drinks arrives. Now it’s time to order. Your dress-rehearsal exploration of the menu pays off now. Give your guests clues about your intentions by mentioning specialties and encouraging them to order appetizers. Have the server take the guests’ orders first and be sure to keep pace with your guests by ordering the same number of courses, whether you want them or not.
As a guest, you should feel free to ask, “What do you recommend here?” if the host has not given clues.
Be decisive! Neither the host nor guest should spend a long time poring over the menu. Steer clear of user-unfriendly items such as spaghetti, salads, large sandwiches, or anything that will be messy or difficult to eat.

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