Saturday, March 22, 2008

What to consider before buying business clothing?

When you decide to add to your closet, think in terms of your entire wardrobe. Many variables affect what you should choose for your wardrobe and what you should wear on given occasions. Here are some of the variables you would be wise to consider:
  • Regional variations. Take climate and geography into account. An outfit that looks terrific in Vermont might look odd in Atlanta. The attire of a Wall Street broker will probably look downright funereal in Los Angeles. And colors! What might look fine in the easy sunshine of San Diego would have a jarring effect on Philadelphia bankers.
  • Business environment. Think about the type of company you work for and the kind of work you do. If you’re going to be tramping around a construction site with a hard hat on your head, you should not have high heels on your feet.
  • Type of occasion. Consider the function. You don’t wear elegant jewelry to a breakfast meeting, and you don’t wear a polo shirt, even a $90 one, to a board meeting.
  • Type of position. Consider what you want your outfit to say about you. If you want it to say, “Your investment will be safe with us,” don’t dress in a way that says, “We’re a friendly bunch of folks here.”

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