Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pay attention to the details of your business outfit

When it comes to dressing, your accessories are every bit as important as the basic outfit. Pay careful attention to details such as shoes and jewelry. Sometimes the little things are what people notice most and remember longest. One jarring detail, such as scuffed shoes or a missing button, can ruin the impression made by a carefully selected outfit.
  • Jewelry. It shouldn’t be obtrusive, and it shouldn’t jangle. Avoid wearing big rings on your right hand so that you won’t have to worry about them getting in the way when you shake hands. Wear a watch, even if your internal clock functions well. Business in the United States runs according to schedules and deadlines, and promptness counts.
  • Furs. Don’t wear furs in the business world. They signal pretentiousness more than they signal success and may actually offend some people.
  • Shoes. If you’re not careful, your shoes can shoot you in the foot. To give them a quick shine, use fabric softener sheets, which you can easily keep in your desk or briefcase. If you wear sneakers for your commute, change both your shoes and socks or hose when you get to the office. Feet tend to perspire a lot in sneakers, and socks absorb odors.
  • Briefcases. Keep your briefcase polished and clean. It should not be overly large nor should it be overstuffed. If it’s beat-up, get a new one.

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