Sunday, February 3, 2008

Buffet Tips #1 : Approaching Buffet and Dishing

Before piling food on your plate, look at the dining tables. If utensils and/or plates are already there, you don’t need to look for them at the buffet table. Remember, if place cards are on the tables, do not shift them around to suit yourself. Then take a look to see whether the buffet has one or two lines. If two lines are moving, you will find serving utensils on both sides of the table. Take your place in line. Gender and status privileges do not apply in the buffet line, so don’t try to get ahead of anyone and don’t break up a couple or a group going through the line together.

If one item is in short supply, go easy on it. At a restaurant or hotel, it is fine to ask to have a dish replenished. At a private party, don’t ask. Use the serving spoon or fork provided for a particular dish and put the serving piece next to the platter or chafing dish when you are finished. A hot metal spoon in a chafing dish could burn the fingers of another diner. Don’t overload your dish. Going back for seconds or thirds is perfectly acceptable. Don’t take platefuls of food for the table. That defeats the whole idea of a buffet, which is offering a multitude of choices for a variety of tastes and appetites.

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