Sunday, January 27, 2008

Forbidden Table Manner Behaviors

Having dealt with the 10 biggest mistakes, we can move on to a list of little no-no’s—things not important enough to make the BIG list, but worth noting anyway. Even though common sense and a sense of courtesy may keep you from committing many of these errors, they bear repeating.
  • Don’t salt or otherwise season your food before you taste it. This behavior is particularly offensive when dining in someone’s home and the cook is sitting at the table. It’s also a bad idea in a restaurant, even though the chef can’t be insulted because he or she is in the kitchen.
  • Cut only enough food for the next mouthful.
  • If someone at the table takes a pill, don’t ask about it. If you must take medication at the table, don’t comment about it. No explanations are necessary.
  • Don’t dunk. Doughnuts don’t belong in coffee.
  • Don’t push your plate away and don’t push your chair back when you’ve finished eating unless you’re getting up from the table.
  • Never tilt your chair.
  • Always pass food to the right.
  • Don’t ask people where they’re going if they leave the table.
  • If you belch, cover your mouth with your napkin and say “Excuse me” to no one in particular.
  • Never crumble crackers in your soup or blow on any liquid that is too hot. Cool yourself until it cools.
  • Put butter first on your bread plate or dinner plate, not directly on the roll or other food.

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