Saturday, December 13, 2008

Signatures Etiquette

A married woman should sign legal documents and checks with her given name plus her married name—Mary Fleischmann. If she has a common name such as Jane Smith, she might want to distinguish her signature by using her maiden name as well. A single Jane Smith might want to use a middle initial. When writing to a person you know very well, sign using your first name only. Never give yourself a title when signing your name. Thus, if writing to someone not on a first-name basis, Mrs. Daniel Fleischmann goes in parentheses under the Mary Fleischmann signature. If Mrs. Daniel Fleischmann is printed at the top of the stationery, simply sign Mary Fleischmann at the bottom.
A single woman may write in parentheses (Miss) or (Ms.) to the left of her name. A professional woman who uses her husband’s name socially and professionally wants to make it clear that she is married. She signs business letters with (Mrs. John) Alana Kelty. In social correspondence, she proceeds as described in the previous paragraph.

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