Saturday, December 13, 2008

How to Address Religious Leaders?

The pope of the Roman Catholic Church is addressed as His Holiness, the Pope, or as
His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, Vatican City, 00187 Rome, Italy.
A cardinal is addressed as His Eminence, John Cardinal Krol, Archbishop of Philadelphia.
A bishop or archbishop is addressed as The Most Reverend Thomas Jones, Bishop of Dallas.
A monsignor is addressed as The Right Reverend. A priest is addressed as The Reverend Father, a nun as Sister Mary Catharine, and a brother as Brother Thomas Mann. A member of the Protestant clergy is addressed as The Reverend Thomas Jones, with the letters D.D. after the name if the person has a doctor of divinity degree. An Episcopal bishop is addressed as The Right Reverend. The words The Venerable precede the name of an archdeacon.
A Jewish rabbi is addressed as Rabbi Thomas Wise, with degree initials following the name. A cantor is addressed as Cantor Thomas Wise.
The patriarch of the Eastern Orthodox religion is addressed as His Holiness, the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, Istanbul, Turkey. In this religion an archbishop is The Most Reverend, a bishop is The Right Reverend, and a priest is The Very Reverend. The rules and customs for addressing people and for extending and acknowledging invitations are not new. They have evolved over many generations and have come into existence for very good reasons. All of us care about how we are addressed, and part of having good manners is caring enough to address others properly.

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