Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Calling Cards for Men

The following are some important details concerning men’s calling cards:
  • The man’s name is printed in full except for Mr. Spell out The Reverend, Doctor, Captain, and so on. If length is a problem, a man may decide to omit his middle name or abbreviate his title.
  • A lawyer’s card reads John Silcox, Esquire, or Mr. John Silcox.
  • A doctor’s calling card reads Doctor John Silcox, and his professional card should read John Silcox, M.D.
  • A comma always precedes Jr. or Sr. No comma is used before II, III, and so on.
  • Don’t use the letters of your academic degrees on your calling card, no matter how proud you are of them. Letters of an honorary degree are never used.

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